Coronavirus signs play a vital role in putting in place social distancing measures, one-way systems and improving personal hygiene practices.


Our range of textured floor graphics help you manage social distancing and queuing systems in or outside your store or site. Available in 60cm and 30cm sizes, individually and packs of 5. Suitable for all smooth, hard floors and carpets, easy to apply and remove.


Developed with pubs, restaurants, gyms and sports centres in mind, our signage collection comes in a range of attractive designs which will look good in these settings and still give customers clear information on the latest social distancing and safety guidance.


A range of wall and countertop signage in traditional poster style print and a hard wearing, 5mm vinyl foamex board. With a choice of A2, A3, A4 and A5 size options, we have the perfect footprint for your space. You order today and we deliver tomorrow.


We offer a range of solutions to help promote COVID secure hygiene in your office, shop, or restaurant. Our hand sanitiser stations clearly direct customers and staff to observe hand cleaning rules and our transparent Perspex screens act as effective sneeze guards in free-standing, hanging and countertop styles


Never before have we needed so many signs on the floor! Floor signs have always been popular, but they have become more important now than ever. They are essential tools for putting in place social distancing measures and one-way systems, and they’re perfect for supermarkets and convenience stores.

Keeping 2m apart from each other is a vital tactic in the fight against coronavirus. However, social distancing is not in our nature. To help staff and customers remember to keep their distance from each other, we have produced a range of social distancing signs that promote the 2m ‘safe zone’ and also restrict the number of people who can use a particular facility at any one time.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things in our daily lives, and one of those is changing the way in which we wash our hands. Washing our hands thoroughly and frequently, sanitising all touchpoints, coughing into tissues and correctly disposing of PPE is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19, and our range of hygiene signs will ensure that staff and customers adhere to these practices.

The construction industry is a particularly difficult area in which to maintain social distancing. PPE is now used to protect against a virus as well as all the usual dangers. Stocksigns have created a range of COVID-19 site safety signs, designed to help construction workers stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus on building sites. We also offer hoarding and scaffolding signs.

Going back to school will not be the same as before. From nurseries and primary schools to colleges and universities, COVID-19 signage will be necessary to remind students and staff to maintain social distancing and wash their hands frequently and thoroughly. Our coronavirus school signs include floor signs, hand hygiene signs and social distancing signs.

As recommended by the Government and Department for Transport, temporary traffic signage will be required to alter the flow of foot traffic in order to help maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of coronavirus. In response, Stocksigns are able to provide Quick-Fit frames with standard and bespoke Class 1 Reflective signage to help staff and customers stay safe.

We put people first . . . second and third

We believe happy, engaged staff mean happy, satisfied customers. We’ve motivated and organised our sales force, customer service and technical support team around one goal – making COVID Signage a pleasure to work with.

COVID-SIGNAGE are extremely proud of our longstanding history of excellence but this never stops us from looking forward. Lots of things have changed over the past 50 years but COVID-SIGNAGE’s commitment to supplying solutions that help you make the difference remains the same. We’ve evolved with our customer base, continually building on our experience of providing tried and trusted products and innovating for the future. We’re great at all the obvious stuff and we really excel at the tricky stuff. An COVID-SIGNAGE customer can expect great service, competitive pricing and quality products; that’s just the baseline. However, it’s our customisation services that really leave our competitors in the dust. We have in-house expertise in design, print and software development, so if you’re looking for something a bit different, whether it’s a tweak, complete re-design or blue sky approach, we have the experience and resources in place to quickly transform an idea into a practical solution.

Visitor Management Systems - cloud-based visitor software and visitor pass books

Covid Signage’s innovative range of visitor management systems can help a business professionally identify, welcome, and ensure the welfare of visitors and contractors alike. Whether you’re looking for a paper visitor pass or an electronic visitor sign-in system, we will have the right solution for you. All of our products are fully customisable and supported by our dedicated South Africa customer service team.


Whether you’re a small business or global company, COVID  SIGNAGE can help. Our simple, tried and trusted solutions can help a small team implement best practice processes with minimal administrative overheads. In addition, our dedicated Major Accounts team can support a companywide initiative requiring a tailored solution and strong brand identity. Whatever your budget or situation – we’ve been there, done that and done it well.

We are ready to support you with any print and signage needed for protecting your staff and the public while the country is in lockdown. We have a capacity to produce a very large range of products in a short time frame. Products you may need are, directional signage, warning signs, information signs, labels, floor social distancing decals, freestanding displays, posters or temporary signs.

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