About Us

Our wide variety of branding methods are here to help you find the best branding option for specific products, to ensure your brand can look and be the best.

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Who We Are

Protect your employees, your business, school goers as part of your return to work and back-to-school strategy. We have a range of brilliant products that provide physical barriers, and assist you with stopping the spread of Covid-19.

  • A business with heart, honesty and integrity at the core.
  • A team dedicated to our clients.
  • Growth orientated.
  • Eco-conscious.
  • Focused on youth training and employment.
  • Proudly South African.
Our desire is to continue to be a sustainable business in South Africa,
being an example of entrepreneurship and growth.

A Green Business

A Green Business

A green business, who deeply cares for the environment and nature. We are continually improving how we can live and work more sustainably. We are committed to conserving the environment and doing our part to ensure its preservation.
Our company:
  • Is 80% off the grid, making use of solar panels which supply our office with natural light.
  • Recycles.
  • Carpool to and fro work to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Is water-wise and conscious of saving every drop, with water tanks that store rain water which is used to water our garden.
  • Is forward thinking, innovative and dedicated to the environment.
Our environmental awareness extends to our Eco-Friendly products which we supply. Ideal for adding a different edge to your conference, event or expo and for advertising your brand or company with unique promotional marketing products. Make your brand more green and help spread the message for a better planet.  Align your brand with the environmentally friendly products, that strengthen your marketing message.

A Business With Heart

A business with heart, first and foremost. Integrity and honesty is at the core of how we operate. Our clients matter to us and we believe in forming strong relationships.  We offer a professional and personalized service with our clients based throughout South Africa. Let us add value to your below the line marketing activities.  We will source, supply and brand a large variety of promotional marketing products that suits your brand or business needs! Finding solutions is in our genes, we will give you unique ideas, plan and manage your marketing campaigns.  We deliver door-to-door anywhere in South Africa. Let us help your brand be the best that it can be!

A Customer-Centric Business

A customer-centric business, we work hard to bring your marketing goals to fruition as smoothly as possible.
With an emphasis on nurturing long term relationships with our clients, it is really important to us that our customers feel cared for and well-respected.
We are here to see that an order reaches you on time, exactly as you envisaged.

A Superstar Team

A superstar team, Covid 19 Signage is made up of a young and energetic team, who go above and beyond to help our clients with excellent service and energetic passion. We source and supply highly unique, nifty, trendy and cost-effective marketing products and corporate gifting items. We believe in the power of branding and are passionate about finding solutions to our clients’ branding needs. We supply brands that the team really loves and uses themselves and work collaboratively to generate the best branding ideas for our clients.
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