Coronavirus Reopening Plan

Coronavirus Reopening Plan

Wearing masks has been proven to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Many organizations are now implementing policies preventing people from entering if they are not wearing a mask. Use this sign to inform people of your face covering policies.

Coronavirus Reopening Plan

Properly washing your hands and following basic hygiene procedures is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Sharing information on how to properly wash your hands will help your audience, especially students or young children, stay safe.

As many countries and states start to reopen and publish their coronavirus reopening plans it’s important for you to consider how your business, school, or organization needs to prepare. Many government agencies, such as the CDC, have put out resources to help you develop, implement, and maintain your reopening plan.

As part of your reopening strategy determine what needs to be regularly cleaned and disinfected, what policies and procedures need to be put into place, and how you’ll communicate the actions you’re taking.

To help prevent the spread you’ll want to:

  • Increase air circulation
  • Encourage people to bring their own food and water
  • Close shared spaces such as cafeterias
  • Discourage the use of shared objects
  • Have ample cleaning supplies on hand

Some key information to communicate is:

  • Wearing cloth face coverings
  • Avoiding touching faces
  • Staying home if sick
  • Frequently cleaning and disinfecting surfaces (follow CDC cleaning and disinfection guidelines)
  • Practicing social distancing (stay 6 feet away)
  • Wash hands thoroughly and often

Get FREE COVID-19 Signs to Communicate Key Information

Click below to download all of the COVID-19 reopening and safety signs. Share them on digital signage, put them up as posters, share them to your social channels, add them to your website, or include them in emails.

We are here to provide signage and print products to customers who are Essential Services.

We are ready to support you with any print and signage needed for protecting your staff and the public while the country is in lockdown. We have a capacity to produce a very large range of products in a short time frame. Products you may need are, directional signage, warning signs, information signs, labels, floor social distancing decals, freestanding displays, posters or temporary signs.

How are we doing this?

Due to the lockdown we are not open for walk-in visitors and have no staff onsite, but we are ready to mobilise immediately and produce jobs for Essential Services only on an ‘as needed’ basis with fast turnaround.

Working Safely

Our sales team are working remotely with full capacity to provide product specifications.

File preparation (prepress) is completed remotely.

Production will be completed by one to two people, with social distancing and government rules strictly adhered to.

Any installation work will be done on a case by case basis adhering to government and health and safety guidelines.

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