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We also have free COVID-19 awareness and prevention posters available as well at our participating locations! Use the store finder to find and contact your local center today!

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Sneeze and cough guards for health and safety From R750

Protective sneeze and cough guards reduce the risk of exposure and inhalation of COVID-19 and other microorganisms by acting as a barrier between people. As it has been proven that some people who are infected with COVID-19 are asymptomatic, an effective safety mechanism had to be instituted to curb the spread of this infectious disease. Thus, the need for social distancing protocols, hand hygiene and respiratory hygiene measures. Sneeze and cough guards are one such measure as they act as a physical barrier between employees and customers, protecting both people on opposites side of these screens.

Digital Infrared Non-contact Medical Thermometer R 469.00

The Unaan Yna-800 non-contact infrared thermometer is specially designed to obtain human body temperature, regardless of room temperature. Lightweight and portable for use.

  • Distance: 3cm-5cm 
  • Temperature Range: 32 ℃-42.9 ℃(89.6℉-109.4℉ ) 
  • Display Resolution: 0.1 ℃
  • Use Environment: 16 ℃-35 ℃(50℉-104℉) humidity≤85% 
  • Storage Environment 0℃-50℃(32℉-122℉) humidity≤85% 
  • Power Supply: DC3V (2 AAA Batteries)(not included) 
  • Backlight: Available Display Unit: ℃/℉
  • Auto Turn-off: 15 second

From R6.50 each

Face Masks and Guards

Looking for a sturdy protective screen/sneeze guard that will protect your staff whilst visually and practically fitting the space?  Made in-house using 3mm, 4mm or 5mm Cast Acrylic, our sneeze guard screens are available in a number of sizes and styles, with or without transaction cutouts, as well as bespoke sizes, to fit your space perfectly.

With current health concerns regarding COVID19, protection of service staff is paramount to keeping them safe and well.  According to WHO, Coronavirus mainly spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes. A sneeze guard screen is fitted to the service counter, serving as a physical barrier between staff or product and customers reducing your staffs’ exposure to potential infection.

Signage Solutions for Your Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The commonality of informative and directional signage in changing environments is critical to most businesses. The medical and retail sector is particularly in need of effective Covid-19 signage solutions in order to assist, inform or warn clients and patients of procedures or processes. Our signage solutions serve to every industry and no job is too small or too big for us.

Covid-19 Signage Solutions

We can assist businesses and medical establishments with safety and precautionary signs. Notify your clients and patients effectively with the use of our professional signage solutions. “Business as usual” has been altered and with this change, the need arises to effectively communicate any safety measures or procedures that are taking place. Communication like this are suited to employers, employees, and visitors. If you are in the retail or restaurant industry, letting your clients know of your closure, new operating conditions or that you might be offering delivery or take-away from time-to-time, is an excellent way of adhering to recent recommendations by the WHO and South African Government while still keeping your business operational. Important safety or warning signs that conform with the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and guidelines can be massively beneficial to employers and employees during this time of uncertainty.


Safety Signage for COVID-19 Awareness

Choose from Creative Brand’s COVID-19 awareness stickers, signs, banners and posters. All have clear, easy to understand messaging and are available in high resolution colour printing. Pull-up banners are easy to assemble and come with carry bags. Wall banners have the added feature of a collapsible aluminium frame. Vinyl social distancing demarcation floor stickers are made with anti-slip laminated surface to ensure longevity and safety. All of Covid Signage’s COVID-19 signage options can be custom made to speak to your company’s regional language and individual industry requirements.



Social Distancing Graphics & Stickers

Coronavirus has effected every factor of life as we know it so Social Distancing is likely to be with us for some time to come. Protect your staff and your customers with our ready-made floor graphics. Our distancing floor stickers are easy to apply, peel the backing and stick down!

Our COVID-19 floor graphics are printed at 300mm or 400mm diameter. These floor stickers are suitable for heavy footfall traffic. Laminated with an anti-slip laminate they are perfect for every workplace including factory floors, retail shops, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, bars, pubs (not yet), and more!

They can be installed by anyone, simply peel, stick, and smooth over. The floor stickers can be applied to ceramic tiles, sealed wood, clean smooth concrete, waxed vinyl, marble flooring, and more.


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